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This Agreement is made between Soechi International Hotel Medan a company engaged in the field of services and individuals who log in to the hotel reservation site Soechi called “Guest”, hereinafter referred to as “Guest”. Both Soechi International Hotel and Guest, agreed that their relationship is governed exclusively by the existing contract. If there are certain conditions or rules that are not considered in this contract, the common practice of e-commerce and the rules will be considered as standard.


The purpose of the article mentioned below is to determine the sales process and conditions Soechi International Hotel and guests, from booking to payment and booking confirmation. Article defines all the steps, which are necessary to complete an online reservation on the site Soechi International Hotel guarantee agreement between the two parties.

  1. Log into the site Soechi International Hotel Reservations.
  2. Select the type of room, check-in date, check out date in accordance with the desired.
  3. Then select the number of rooms to be booked.
  4. Input all requested data, then select the desired payment systems: Credit and Independent Clickpay
  5. Customer will be referred to the homepage payment gateway to complete the payment.
  6. If the customer uses a credit card payment method, the way he is:
    • In the table payment method, select the credit card, then click the continue button.
    • Then the customer will be asked to fill in your credit card data. Then click payment process.
    • If the transaction is successful, it will be confirmed that the transaction is “approved”, if it fails, it will be confirmed that the transactions “failed” or “decline”, click the Continue button to complete the transaction.
  7. If the customer uses Mandiri Click Pay payment method pay, the way he is:
    • The contents of the card number, and use independent token to get a response token, and click on the Payment process.
    • If the transaction is successful, it will be confirmed that the transaction is “Success”, if it fails, it will be confirmed that the transactions “failed”. Click the Go To Back Merchant Website to complete the transaction.
  8. When it is “approved” or “success”, then the customer will be given a Reservation ID Number and Password. Customer the print details of the transaction. And the prints will be required during check-in process at the Hotel Soechi International.
  9. Identity cards, credit card and prints to be shown at the hotel reception clerk at the time of check-in process. Soechi International hotel only accepts guests whose names and number on credit card and identity card corresponding to the input at the time of reservation (in guest detail field) to use the services of the hotel.
  10. When guests book and complete the ordering process, so fully have accepted the price and description of each room type or promotions are available at the Hotel Soechi International.
  11. Guest who have completed the booking and payment process means accepting these general conditions as a statement of agreed regulations.
  12. Hotel Soechi International will comply with all stages of the process all orders received online with limit room inventory available at that time.
  13. For Third Parties booking on this reservation page must make reservation confirmation to Hotel Soechi reservation staff by e-mail with attaching credit card and letter of reservation with letter of company/travel letter.
  14. Guests can make reservations directly by phone (+62 61 4561234), email ( or come directly to the Hotel Soechi Internatioanl, Road Cirebon No. 76 A, Medan, Indonesia.

  1. Payment can be made via credit card or uses Mandiri Clickpay service.
  2. When guests have completed the payment process, it is automatically approved guests have expressed a specified price and terms.
  3. Rooms booked and payment have been completed in the process irrevocably (refund).
  4. If guests do change your reservation, it will cost Rp. 200,000.00/room/night and the room rates will be changed at the discretion Soechi International Hotel.
  5. Guest will change your reservation, please to directly contact Hotel Reservations Soechi International.
  6. Information to be provided by the credit card users:
    • Type of Credit Card
    • Credit Card Number
    • Date Out of date Credit Card
    • 3 Digit Card Verification Number
  7. All payments using credit card online facilities is subject to the following conditions:
    • Soechi International Hotel accept Mastercard and Visa.
    • When filling out the form online payment funds will be deducted from the credit card used in the rupiah currency.
    • Because of the way the transaction is processed by the external banking sites, credit card transactions will be processed within 1x24 hours
    • Payment will be debited to the account of PT. Novotel Soechi Indonesia.
    • Secure Credit Card Payment:
      1. The process of reservation and payment confirmed safe by the Secure Socket Layer (SSL), where SSL provides full security and freedom to shop online for any guests without worrying about the possible theft of credit card information.
      2. Credit card numbers are protected with a high level of encryption when transmitted over the internet.
      3. Hotel Soechi International does not have access to the guest’s credit card details.
  8. By using online credit card facility, are agreed with all policies applicable Soechi International Hotel and related Internet resources.
  9. All information provided on this form of credit card payment facility will be handled in accordance with this privacy statement Soechi International Hotel.
  10. Terms and Conditions Hotel Soechi International for online credit card payments are subject to change at any time. Each transaction is subject to specific terms and conditions that are in place at the time of the transaction.


All prices on this website are denominated in dollars and are inclusive of taxes.

  1. Check In Time: 12.00 PM
  2. Check Out Time: 12.00 AM
  3. Early check-in and late check-out will be provided by The Hotel Soechi International with consideration to availability at the time the first guest should be given notification.
  4. Booking rooms that have been done by a irrevocable, and not to do the refund.
  5. Soechi International Hotel guests are only allowed his name and ID registered on the guest details (when booking online) to stay in rooms that have been booked.
  6. Guests name and his ID was registered on the guest details (when booking online) can not be changed anymore.
  7. Procedure for customers who change check-in date:
    • Customers commit the reservation like usually(read online reservation policy).
    • After all the process done and transaction successful, call the hotel reservation clerk.
    • Tell the hotel reservation clerk that will make a change date, then give the reservation number and password before, including reservation number and password after re-reservation.
    • Hotel Reservation Clerk will check the old reservation number data, then check the new reservation number data.
    • If data have found and validity by the hotel reservation clerk, then can change the date.
    • Previous Reservation fund will give back when check in time, after reduce with change date fund (Rp.200,000.00/room/night)
  8. When guest has special request, Soechi International Hotel will follow up, and then need another fee, will take when guest check-in.


All elements of the site Soechi International Hotel, either visual or sound, including technology protected by copyright. All these elements belong exclusively Soechi International Hotel and can not be used without written permissions from PT. Novotel Soechi Indonesia. All information will be kept confidential by the guests Soechi International Hotel.


Sales conditions stated in the contract is the complete agreement between the parties concerned. It is a condition of sale that govern the sale of Hotel Soechi International Guests will stay at the Hotel Soechi International. For the future, Soechi International Hotel has the right to change the terms and conditions.


Current conditions apply for the service Soechi International Hotel provided online and offline.


This agreement is subject to and construed under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia, any disputes that may occur in connection with this Agreement will first be resolved by deliberation and consensus that the dispute be resolved through the Medan District Court, without prejudice to the right of the Company to apply for settlement in the courts.

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